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End of the world refined

Ever wondered how the world will end? , Of course you have. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. When you hear the word ‘ end of the world ‘, what is it that’s coming to your mind, whatever it is, keep it aside, the end doesn’t always have to be a cruel one, a sadistic one, a disastrous, painful event. It can be peaceful. It can be soothing. Of all the stories we heard about the end of the World, was filled with fire and anguish, earthquakes, explosions, big rocks from the space, etc. But it can be different, Let’s see.

Examining the current pace of developments in the fields of biotechnology and Artificial intelligence (AI), by 2050(say) there will be a major job crisis. There will be a big crowd of jobless and being truthful useless, unskilled humans. It is crucial to realise that the AI revolution is not just about computers getting faster and smarter. It is fuelled by breakthroughs in the life sciences and social sciences as well. The better we understand the biochemical mechanisms that underpin human emotions, desires, and choices, the better computers can become in analyzing human behavior, predicting human decisions, and replacing human drivers, bankers, and lawyers. Which is enough to create mass unemployment.

Let’s talk about music, they are just vibrations. The inputs are the mathematical patterns of sound waves, and the output is the electrochemical patterns of neural storms. AI can crack it easily. It can even make you your own personalised music list which is your favorite hits but the world would never have heard it.

The story of AlphaZero by DeepMind Technologies, how it became the master of a chess game in just four hours without the help of a human guide, which for centuries, was considered one of the crowning glories of human intellect.

So in short, Automation can cause a major crisis and it will deposit all the wealth in the hands of an educated ( on computer codes and AI) few. They will have to run the world. The government will have to tax billionaires, google, Tencent, etc., and look after its people. But what will the people do, nothing! they have nothing to do. The government will pay your bills, subsidize your kid’s education and stuff, look after your every need, and give you a stipend, you can spend it any way you like. And there’s my beautiful end. A world where you have totally nothing to do, your sole existence is a big question, all those philosophies about existence and purpose will have to be rewritten. Your emotions will have to be redesigned. You will have to find a totally new thing to worry about…And there at that point, you can see the end of the world.

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Vishnu Chandra

Vishnu Chandra

Vishnu is a passionate performance marketer with a talent for driving growth and achieving results in the digital landscape. With a strategic mindset and data-driven approach, he is specialised in creating compelling marketing campaigns that captivate audiences and boost brand visibility.


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