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Cloud Security Services In UAE

Ensure secure cloud environments towards better threat prevention

What is cloud security Managed services?

Cloud services are widely susceptible to a variety of threats due to complex environments and usage of wide range processes and technologies. Hence they contain a much comprehensive set of cloud security services according to the specific area of service to be secured from threats. A few of them are DLP (data loss prevention), IAM (identity and access management), intrusion detection, web security, and email security.

clpoud security consulting services in uae and dubai
cloud security managed services in uae and dubai

Why you need cloud security Consulting Services

In-house cloud security teams can be expensive and resource-limited. And lack of cloud security would lead to the worst catastrophes to the business. Assigning a dedicated SOC team which consistently monitors, finds, reports and fixes cloud vulnerabilities in your applications lets you focus on core management tension-free.

What we do

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Cloud security as a service

Securing cloud infrastructures can be complex. It poses various challenges due to various reasons including the evolution of vulnerabilities, being managed and operated by third parties, and the need for specific solutions based on the technology implemented in each.


Our industry-driven expert team has been able to secure various industries including the Oil and gas, airlines, fintech, healthcare, supply chain, and healthcare. Helping them to secure their critical data from bad actors. 

cloud security assessment and consulting

Cloud Security Monitoring Services

As part of the Cloud penetration testing process, we impersonate real hackers and dive deep into systems to identify vulnerabilities.

Be the hacker, to hunt the bad actor. The proactive approach is the key to ensuring your applications are secure from the ever-evolving threats infecting your application through the cloud infrastructures. 

Bentley, Nokia, BBC, Walmart, Pinterest, and Domino are a few of the companies where our team could find vulnerabilities to help them fix them with ease.


Let’s discuss about what exists in your business, the requirements, and how we can make it more secure and better. This helps you gain in-depth information about the current security posture of your business infrastructure and the modern security trends in existence.


Sensitive and regulated data in your cloud assets will be classified based on their risk ratings. This aids you in the effective implementation of further steps in the cloud security testing. Also, the unknown cloud usage will be discovered.


One solution never fits all. With proper analysis of the cloud security risk posture, the data protection policies shall be implemented strategically towards assigning policies that help to decide about removing or quarantining the sensitive data. Proper access control policies and data encryptions shall be implemented which helps to secure the data in the cloud infrastructures and prevent access from unintended users or devices.

Benefits for all Security Stakeholders

CEO and business team

Achieve the ability to provide primary focus on the core business factors without worrying about the cloud security factors

CTO and technical team

No more handling the cyber incidents and focus more on developing technical aspects of the business.

CISO and security team

Ensure end-to-end security of the cloud infrastructure and related services to the board and the public alike.


What do we check for when we conduct Managed Cloud security testing?

No more space for black-hat hackers.

Data loss prevention

Safeguard sensitive data such as financial, health, and social security numbers from evil hands.

Email security

Prevent the infiltration through email services, be it phishing attacks or malicious attachments

Identity and access management

Enforcing policies and privileges towards setting permissions for the users towards accessing cloud resources.

Web security

Ensure secure connections to cloud services, even from distant locations for the employees.

Intrusion detection

Monitor the incoming and outgoing internet traffic for suspicious activities and potential cyber risks.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Collect logs and event data from various security tools and network devices in real-time towards better threat detection and rapid response to incidents.


Enabling to follow the data and information security policies and regulations to facilitate the global expansion of business


Monitor the IT infrastructure for cyber threats by the expert team 24/7 to investigate potential security incidents.

No assets should be left unattended in a vulnerability scan. Easier implementation of cloud services has brought both good and bad to the business, whereas the bad is improper security implementations.


Due to the complexity of the cloud environments, due to the large amount of processes and technologies in place, 

Our Cloud security consulting includes and is not limited to

Steps Involved in Wattlecorp Cloud Penetration Testing






Information analysis


Vulnerability assessment


Penetration testing


Privilege escalation


Result comprehension


Report sharing






Summary Report

Steps Involved in Wattlecorp Cloud Security Testing

Risk analysis

Find the weaknesses and possible loopholes in the cloud security measures. Also, gain remediation recommendations.

Audit IaaS configurations

Finding and fixing the critical settings in your cloud infrastructures such as the AWS and Azure to uncover the possibility and infiltrating malicious users.

User behavior analysis

Check for anomalies towards identifying and analyzing the anomalies in how a user engages in your cloud assets.

Sensitive data encryption

Set your own encryption keys for the data within the cloud infrastructure, for better security of the service, without interrupting the user usage.

Advanced malware protection

Secure the data from malware infections, and prevent exploitation of the services.

Access policy implementation

Implement rules to allow and deny the user entry based on its malicious nature. Includes implementing measures such as multi-factor authentication, VPNs, and secure remote access.

Cloud Security Testing Service Outputs

Comprehensive report

Summary of the penetration test conducted on your cloud infrastructure which describes the vulnerabilities found, methodologies, and steps involved in finding along with its occurrences and fixation recommendations.

1-on-1 tech support

Fixing vulnerabilities is no longer a tedious job. Connect with our security experts in person, to fix the found vulnerabilities at ease.

Secure badge

Share the word with the world, reflecting your stand towards commitment to securing the user data.


Be assured of your remediation of the found vulnerabilities was effective with the complementary retest.

Employee training

Security-aware team gives your business a great boost towards better achievements and risk prevention.

Why Wattlecorp is the best Cloud security Company in UAE

Budgeting for Cloud Security Assessment

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Cloud security testing as a service

Cloud security testing as a service on a subscription basis helps you relieve the headache of thinking about constant scheduling toward securing your business assets. Choose from one-time to lifetime security testing, based on your business requirements.

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We provide 100% free consultation for limited time period to ensure misuse of our consulting services. Our team is excited to see opportunities in making your application safe and our committment towards making it happen is always on. 

Our passionate team of in-grown security professionals is always super excited to build new strategies to secure your business from ever-evolving risks. And the commitment never ends.

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