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Managed Security Services in UAE

From security operations control to on-site security management, we cover it all.

What we do

Securing your business is our top priority. The emergence of modern technology has resulted in exponential changes in the vulnerability paradigms, by merit and demerit. And indeed at present, the war is between a single-minute vulnerability in your application v/s your entire business. 

The vulnerability may be due to unseen bugs in your application left unattended or not found, outdated software and its dependencies, or human error. The result of any of these would be nothing less than catastrophe at every level including individual, organizational, and national security.


The rapid expansion of the threat landscape has not only introduced an unprecedented amount of new threats but also made it harder for businesses to ensure data privacy across the globe, including the Middle East region. All individuals, businesses, and government are trying their level best to provide quality and secure services to their users, but often the bad actors win in the game.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) have been playing a greater hand in helping them stay secure from threats. Our team at Wattlecorp provides Managed Security Services to your business in the UAE region to help you focus more on your business operations, handing over the security part to the industry pioneer cybersecurity team.

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Cyber Security Risk Consulting in UAE

Security, Managed Well

Security is crucial, particularly for a business with an active Internet presence and fierce competition. Investing in security solutions will not generate revenue, but will save a company more than it can imagine. When money saved is money earned, we ensure that your business does not lose a dime due to a security breach.

Wattlecorp managed security services offer comprehensive protection for your company’s security needs, from operations management to on-site security assistance. With an efficient incident management system, our professional team can monitor your digital assets, traffic logs, and software logs on a consistent basis and configure alerts to remain vigilant. Setting up a SOC (Security Operations Control) is a skill we possess in abundance. In fact, we can manage operations on-site with a dedicated team.

Cyber Security Risk Compliance in UAE

Managed Security Services Provider in Dubai

Nothing least than resilience from cyber threats

Wattlecorp serves you with the best managed security services in the UAE region, for better security assurance and service through:

Discovery and service planning

IT environment and the tools utilized by the clients are analyzed, followed by requirement analysis by considering the incident history, business plans, and feedback from departments.

SLA creation

The service legal agreement (SLA) is prepared which would contain the frameworks of the obligations, commitments, and responsibilities of the managed service provider (MSP) to a customer.

Knowledge Transition

The details of the client's IT assets, configurations, documentation, policies, and process description are collected to give a clear vision for our security team.

Service delivery

The managed security service desired by the client is provided along with the comprehensive report on a regular basis as agreed, towards greater service visibility.

Why Wattlecorp?

Our motto is pretty straightforward; quality and effective security for our trusted clients. With this we secured various firms both government and private spanning critical infrastructures, healthcare, fintech, and oil and gas industries across the globe and in the UAE region.


360 Degree

Providing complete security coverage for your organization.


Effective and proactive monitoring, both manually and automatically performed.


Our team possesses industry-standard equipment and experience.

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Security Infrastructure and Event Management (SIEM)

Gain visibility into the network activities for a rapid response to cyberattacks from the initial phase itself, and to fulfill the legal compliance requirements.

Cyber Vulnerability Management Services

Identify, assess, and mitigate vulnerabilities in your systems and applications to prevent cyberattacks, secure the data, and safeguard your business reputation.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Assistance towards advanced threat mitigation that the in-house technical team finds harder to address efficiently towards improvised security posture.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

The adversary-focused layer of defense to detect and avoid cyber attacks towards improvised organizational security posture with data-driven expert opinions.

Budgeting for Managed Security Service in UAE

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Lack of proper security measures not only costs your business from incidents but also from hefty fines and penalties from the compliance regulations. Investing in managed security services measures would help you greatly to prevent these and to save an enormous loss of resources.

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Managed Security as a Service

We provide you with end-to-end managed security services to guarantee you not only security from vulnerabilities in your application and infrastructure but also a greater commitment to implementing better security and technical strategies for ensure watertight security.


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