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transition of ISO 27001 -2013 to 2022 in UAE

With the world becoming more digital by the day, businesses are recognizing the importance of ISMS or Information Security Management Systems. Organizations in the UAE must be alert and implement sound and robust procedures to safeguard their ISMS in the wake of increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyberattacks.

The most important guidance standard in this regard is the ISO 27001 standard. The standards aim at developing and deploying a robust cybersecurity framework to improve risk management and protection of sensitive information and vital infrastructure.

Since being first published in 2005 by the ISO and the IEC jointly, the standards have been upgraded, once in 2014 and now in 2022. The release of the latest standards is a sign for organizations in the UAE to upgrade their ISMS frameworks.

What Is New In ISO 27001: 2022?

The standard hasn’t been overhauled completely. These are the changes:

iso 270012022 transition checklist

Increased Focus On Cybersecurity And Privacy  

The new title of the standard and the new requirements of ISO 27001 reflect the increased focus on privacy and cybersecurity to thwart cyberattacks and protect sensitive data.

Continued Improvement  

Organizations in the UAE are mandated to supervise and enhance their ISMS continually to make sure that it effectively safeguards their information assets.

New Change Management Requirements

There are new change management requirements in the latest framework, and it deals with the process of managing changes to the ISMS. It will help ensure that changes are made safely and cautiously.

Supplier Risk Management Requirements

These are new requirements to determine that the suppliers of an organization are not a security risk for its information assets.

Annex A Restructuring

This is a checklist containing the security controls organizations in the UAE must implement, and it has been restructured to make it simpler and reflect the new risk-based approach. Some controls have been merged and others updated; the number of controls has been reduced to 93 from 114. Instead of the 14 categories as before, the controls are divided into 4 themes: organizational, People, Physical, and Technical

These are the new controls:

  • Configuration Management
  • Masking Data
  • Prevention Of Data Leakage
  • ICT Readiness For Business Continuity
  • Deleting Information 
  • Information Security For Using Cloud Services
  • Monitoring Activities
  • Monitoring Physical Security
  • Secure Coding
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Web Filtering

Cybersecurity concepts, control type, information security properties, operational capabilities, and security domains are the attributes given to controls to facilitate simpler categorization of controls.

Tips To Prepare For The Transition From ISO 27001:2013 To 2022

Change can be difficult and overwhelming. However, you can make the process smooth by:

  • Reviewing the changes between the two standards, especially Annex A. Go over the new requirements for risk and change management.
  • The changes in the new standard must be reflected in your ISMS, so update the documentation, including all documents required by Annex A like the Risk Management Plan, Statement of Applicability, and others.
  • Make sure your staff is given thorough training on the new standard and that they can understand the changes.

Benefits Of Migrating To ISO 27001:2022 In UAE

The standards by which we operate, such as the way we do business or even go about our daily lives, change and progress. Likewise, the ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, has reviewed and updated its guidelines and requirements at regular intervals. The major overhauls came in 2013 and now in 2022, though there were some minor changes made in 2018. 

The benefits of upgrading to the new system are numerous:

  • ISO 27001 2022 helps organizations in the UAE safeguard their critical information assets, preventing their access, use, and disclosure without proper authorization; and safeguarding against data destruction, alteration, and disclosure.
  • It can help organizations comply with international regulations like the GDPR, etc.
  • It can help show customers that the business is committed to safeguarding their information and building trust.
  • Mitigating the risk of cyberattacks is easier when physical security controls, as recommended by ISO 27001 2022, are implemented.
  • By having the requisite processes in place to recover from cyberattacks, the new standard can boost business continuity.
  • Businesses can gain a competitive edge by showing their commitment to being in step with ISMS best practices and securing the data of customers and partners.

The new standard is better aligned with international standards, simplifying the implementation of multiple management systems, and lowering the risks of duplication or security gaps.

The updated terminology and requirements are also a testament to the advanced technologies that are transforming business operations, increasing their relevance in today’s business landscape. 

Process For Upgrade & Implementation Of ISO 27001:2022

We have mentioned above a few tips on how you can prepare for the transition. Those are also the steps in the implementation, namely:

  • Reviewing the changes between the two standards
  • Update your documentation to reflect the changes
  • Employee training

Once that is over, you need to carry out an internal audit to make sure that you comply with ISO 27001:2022. After that, you need to register with an independent auditing body to get your certification. It is important to audit and monitor your ISMS regularly so that you stay in compliance with the standard.

iso 27001 2013

Upgrade Your ISO 27001 Certification Before Expiry In UAE

Organizations in the UAE holding the ISO 27001 2013 version of the certificate have three years to upgrade to the new version, after which it will expire. The need for implementing the new controls and requirements also depends on the scope of the ISMS of each organization. They may need to rename their documents and draft a new statement to ensure continued applicability.

Navigating the Upgrade Process Successfully

In the process of upgrading your ISMS, here is what you need to do:

  • Plan, and make sure you have sufficient time to complete the upgrade so that you don’t have to rush and commit errors.
  • Create a plan with your team to implement the new standard so that everyone is aware of what needs to be done and is on the same page
  • Naturally, you may have some hiccups on the way; don’t panic, just be prepared, and you will be able to overcome them without much hassle.

You can either do all of this by yourself or engage the services of a compliance consulting firm like Wattlecorp, whose expertise is second to none in the UAE. This will allow you to focus on your core competencies while Wattlecorp ensures a smooth transition and upgrade to ISO 27001:2022.

The transition from ISO 27001:2013 to ISO 27001:2022 is a crucial step for any organization that wants to ensure that its ISMS is secure, updated, and in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. Planning, internal audits, and staff training can ensure your full preparation by the time the new standards are implemented, allowing you to stay on top of changes in the ISMS and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks.

Challenges & Risks In Migrating From 2013 To ISO 27001:2022

Changing anything has its challenges and risks, and upgrading from ISO 27001:2013 to ISO 27001:2022 is no different. Organizations must also think about the new risks and challenges that may come with the upgrade.

The greater stress on ISMS risk management means that you need to identify, evaluate, and treat risks to your ISMS or information security. In turn, this means that you need to have a very strong risk management system in place to comply with ISO 27001:2022.

The need for top-level management to be more closely involved in the ISMS is the next big challenge. They are required to be committed to ISMS, providing leadership, and making sure of the availability of resources to implement and maintain the ISMS. If the organization is not used to the top management being involved in their ISMS, this can become bothersome.

There is a significant focus on improved communication. The new standard mandates organizations to set in place procedures to communicate risks and incidents of information security internally as well as externally. Organizations that have not been communicating on these topics may find it tough to deal with this matter.

To Wrap Up

The challenges of upgrading to ISO 27001:2022 are negligible; the benefits it offers are manifold and far outweigh the risks. Organizations that upgrade their ISMS to the new standard will not only improve their security posture but also gain a competitive advantage as they showcase their commitment to data security.

Wattlecorp has years of experience in providing reliable, efficient, quick, and cost-effective compliance consultancy services to several clients in the UAE. Call us now to ensure a hassle-free transition to ISO 27001:2022 and stay in compliance with global regulations. Contact us for a free consultation of ISO 27001: 2022 Audit Services in UAE

1: How much time do we have to upgrade our certification from ISO 2007:2013 to ISO 2007:2022?

A: You have to transition to the new standard within three years, and can get certified during your next recertification audit.

2. Should we wait to apply until the relevant authorities start giving the certification?

A: No, if you have completed the requirements, you can apply for the certification.

3. How can we best perform the upgrade?

A: Engage the services of a competent and reliable organization like Wattlecorp, with compliance and cybersecurity expertise.

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