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GCP Configuration Review Services In UAE

Verify your GCP Configurations and Strengthen your Security Perimeter

What are GCP Configuration Review Services?

A Google Cloud Platform review allows businesses to detect vulnerabilities and potential risks with regard to their GCP usage. Our team at Wattlecorp will conduct a thorough review and offer recommendations to mitigate the risks, protect your data and applications and improve your security posture.

Ensuring secure configuration of your Google Cloud Platform can be complicated, and often configuration errors happen. We focus on a number of individual elements and cover security considerations like IAM, networking, logging and monitoring, storage, virtual machines,BigQuery, Cloud SQL Database services, and so on. We evaluate the security of your GCP environment, detecting risks to your data and services by comparing with best practices.

Benefits of Conducting GCP Configuration Review

Our GCP configuration review services help you ensure security of your data and to divert valuable resources to critical, value-adding business activities and fix gaps in your security. By protecting sensitive data, you can build trust among stakeholders and customers.


Reduce expenses related to security assurance, minimize human errors with regard to configuration, and scale your business operations seamlessly by ensuring ironclad security of your Google cloud platform. A comprehensive review also helps you maintain compliance with various regulations.


We gather information on your network, users, cloud configurations, and understand the needs and goals of your business.


We evaluate your Google cloud platform thoroughly to detect security gaps and vulnerabilities in your GCP environment using a combination of manual and automated tools.

Reporting and remediation

Our team provides a detailed report of our review and makes recommendations to implement best practices and bridge security gaps.


After applying the remedial measures, we conduct another assessment to verify that all issues have been addressed and that risk is mitigated..

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