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Security Issues with Unsupported Operating System (OS)

A lot of companies stop supporting their older operating systems when they release new ones. If you compare mobile phones and laptops or desktops with old operating systems, mobile phones receive updates to newer operating systems while laptops and desktops receive updates within the existing software, but nothing new.

When a company stops supporting its operating system, examples include Windows XP and Windows Vista, it causes a lot of security issues to the users. Here are a few of the problems that are caused while running an unsupported OS.


1. The Growth of a Ticking Time Bomb

For an unsupported OS, the developers stop releasing any new security patches and updates. For such systems, every bug canunsupported-operating-system-issues- prove to play a pivotal role in case the computer crashes. For a system that is outdated, no more security updates will be released and each bug discovered since the last update will be the start of a huge new mountain of problems.

Hence each vulnerability can become part of a time-bomb that can go out to unsettle anytime soon or even after a decade.

2. Axing Third-Party Apps

When software is announced to be unsupported by its developers, third-party apps on it take two approaches. The first one is by limiting the number of new features being made available on the app, which won’t be enabled on these outdated software devices. The other approach is that the company stops supporting the system and those with old systems won’t be able to use the app.

3. Data Risks

This is a factor that is mostly limited to users who use outdated software. The unending vulnerabilities make it easy for cybercriminals to gain access to data on the device. In cases where applications have vulnerabilities, cybercriminals ould use those exploitations to gain access to data stored in the applications

4. Poor Performance

As it is well known, older operating systems lead to poor and unsatisfactory performances. For systems that aren’t supported, the performance is even worse. Such problems prove to be twice as troublesome, in54qwin  it poses the question, allowing huge losses. The reliability of that device decreases over time.

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Contributors : Labeeb Ajmal, Navaneeth OM


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