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What is White Box Penetration Testing?

White Box Penetration Testing is a kind of risk assessment in which the penetration tester will be aware of the internal workings of the system or network.

Pentesting a company’s internal systems and network infrastructure is a common use case for white box testing. It helps to simulate a targeted attack using as many possible vectors of attack as possible on a target system.

Often the penetration tester would be given full access to the target. This involves access to the documentation, numerous account roles with varying levels of access, whitelisting, source code, and credentials.

Benefits of White Box Penetration Testing

Once done precisely by the experts, black box penetration testing helps the organization to find and verify the vulnerabilities that are exploitable by the bad actors, exactly how it would happen in real time. 


Also, unbiased and realistic results can be found with this approach along with the exposed vulnerabilities and the implementation and configuration issues in the application under test. Common vulnerabilities such as injection attacks, CSRF, XSS, etc. can be unveiled with precise remediation insights for quick remediation of the potential vulnerabilities.


Penetration testers from our team collect information about the target asset, legal approvals, and restrictions to the forthcoming penetration test from your team.


Once the scoping is done, a preliminary vulnerability assessment followed by an in-depth one shall be conducted to identify the surface-level threats in the target asset.


The impact and the occurrence of the found vulnerabilities are derived in the penetration test and more in-depth threats are also hunted in this stage.


Once the test is complete, the findings along with its proof, procedure, and remediation suggestions are documented and shared with the key decision-makers of your firm.

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