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Information Security Regulation Dubai

Ensured continuity of critical business processes for all Dubai Government entities

What is Information Security Regulation In Dubai ?

Information Security Regulation or ISR V2 is a non-certifiable information security management standard (ISMS) that applies to all the firms that engage with the Dubai government entities. Also, the employees, consultants, contractors, and visitors are subjected to this regulation.


It is the broad scope of security requirements that includes policies to technical controls and applies to all government data, irrespective of its state or form. Its principal aims are to define and recognize the duties required to sustain information security standards. 

information security regulation dubai
isr dubai

Benefits of Information Security Regulation Dubai

ISR V2 contributes to ensuring the security, privacy, and accessibility of information managed by these institutions. Public institutions in Dubai must ensure the smooth running of their operations without compromising on information security risks.

It establishes a controlled framework to information security throughout the Dubai Government. Also, it implements measures to detect and safeguard against information security breaches, hence protecting the credibility of Dubai government institutions.

Security in the complex threat landscape

In today's ever-changing threat landscape, companies must assess their cybersecurity posture to analyze the risks and possible incidents from it.

Informed decision making

Implementing ISR V2 improves decision-making. It enables security analysts to make informed decisions by leveraging relevant statistics and information from vulnerabilities and related data.

Compliance to regulations

Maintaining compliance and following to regulations is difficult in heavily regulated businesses. ISR helps to ensure your Dubai firm maintains a consistent approach to regulatory compliance, preventing fines, reputational harm, and loss of client confidence.

Better security insights

ISR provides insights into how a company implements standards and complies, and real-time data provides comprehensive management of risks.

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