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Qatar Cybersecurity Framework

Security best practices towards threat-resilient Qatari business

What is Qatar Cyber Security Framework ?

The Qatar Cybersecurity Framework (QCF) rules are designed to ensure businesses implement and maintain cybersecurity best practices.

 It consists of six major components which are collaboration and partnership, strategy and governance, risk management, security, discovery and mitigation, and recovery





Benefits of adopting the Qatar Cyber Security Framework

Following the Qatar cybersecurity framework helps businesses ensure security resilience and prevent cyberattacks by protecting their data from breaches, managing and reducing cyber risks, fostering better customer trust, and continuous monitoring and improvement. Also, it helps to map and comply with various regulatory trends toward avoiding paying hefty fines.

Strategy and governance

Establishes explicit protocols and structures to develop a road map for successful cybersecurity operations.

Incident response

Helps detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in a timely and effective manner.

Risk management

Focuses on discovering, prioritizing, and mitigating possible threats to existing cybersecurity systems.


Recovery helps to ensure that a post-cyber incident scenario works well and operations may continue as soon as possible, by implementing a BCP in the event of a cybersecurity disaster.


Requires and enforces cybersecurity protocols such as endpoint safety, authorization, data encryption, and network safety


Ensures that new concepts and guidelines are revised frequently in order to strengthen a company's and its network's cybersecurity.


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