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Mobile App Penetration Testing Services In Saudi Arabia, Doha

Towards more secure mobile applications and trustworthy networks

What Is Mobile App Security Testing?

Mobile App Pentesting, or Penetration Testing, is a form of ethical hacking that conducts tests on mobile applications built by the organization. It analyzes the vulnerability and the level of safety of the existing applications and systems to ensure the strength of their security systems.


Saudi Arabia’s businesses are known for their carefully calculated safety methods taken on multiple things, and keeping track of the safety of mobile applications will just take them one step forward to acquiring a safer nation.

mobile application penetration testing
mobile application security testing

Benefits of Mobile App Pentesting

As technology advances, the level of threats increases on a large scale. Saudi Arabia is a strong nation, and to ensure that these threats will not cause an even bigger issue, we use various methods in Mobile App Pentesting.

It is by making sure it’s beneficial and safer for the firm as well as the users of the application.

Prevents future attacks

Through a pentest, we can analyze and anticipate the tactics and strategies of a potential hack or attack that could take place in the future. Conducting regular pentest is essential as your app grows, and helps uncover flaws in the code and remediate them before hackers get the chance to exploit it.

Exposing the app to real-world scenarios

An application should be run under real-world conditions to test its efficiency. But more importantly, it should also be set under conditions that are considered as potential threats. In this way, they will be able to find the flaws and work on them, accordingly.

Test the responsiveness of your IT team

An app will always have an IT team working behind it, ensuring seamless working. A pentest will also enable you to understand how strong your team is, how well they respond to threatening situations, and the quality of the solutions they come up with.

Meet industry security standards

Today’s IT world needs to comply with the current security standards and regulations. Security verifications are mandatory, which otherwise will lead to legal consequences from civil liabilities to getting barred from markets. ISO 27001, HIPAA, FIPS 140-2, etc certifications require concrete evidence that your app is safe, and to achieve this, conducting a pentest will suffice.

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