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ICS / SCADA Security Testing & Assessment Services

Towards improved operational efficiency through effective cyber-risk prevention in your industrial control system

What is ICS/SCADA VAPT Service ?

The primary objective of industrial control system (ICS) security is to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of industrial control systems. This includes the hardware and software that operators and users of the system utilize.


The increase in digital infrastructures in various industries including both public and private sectors results in higher dependencies on hardware and software. Infrastructure control systems, or ICS, are systems that manage and oversee infrastructure-supporting activities, like production, transport, water, and energy. Safeguarding the system means securing all its users and beneficiaries. 

ics scada security qatar
scada ics security services in qatar

Benefits Of Securing ICS ?

Securing industrial control systems (ICS) helps your Saudi Arabian business to protect its systems and infrastructures, which in turn helps produce high-quality goods and ensure smoother operations. Along with ensuring essential services for the users and ensuring premise safety for the employees, ICS helps minimize the threats in case of fault or failure in the premise and protects critical infrastructure and industrial processes.

Standards and measurement methods

Benchmarks and standards are tailored aligning to global standards for each system to meet along with methods to evaluate them.

Performance measurement

The actual measurement of the performance of the entire system including the machinery and other hardware evaluated and documented.

Performance-standard comparison

The evaluated performances of systems are ensured to match the benchmarks and standards.

Corrective action

Based on the comparison of performance with the benchmarks and standards, precise correction strategies are adopted to fix them and ensure no loopholes are left unattended towards watertight security.

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