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What is OT Security Assessments

Software and hardware equipment that directly monitors and controls physical objects, processes, and events within an organization is known as operational technology or OT. It is frequently found in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), such as SCADA systems.


Securing these systems helps prevent your Saudi Arabia’s business from disruptions due to cyber-attacks which could lead to equipment damage, operational downtime, safety hazards, and inefficiency—securing these assets is important for protecting the security posture of mission-critical systems that operate critical infrastructure.

Benefits of conducting OT Security Assessments

Effective implementation of operational technology security helps secure physical assets including equipment, people, and products from threats and malfunctions up to certain limits.


It helps to detect and protect devices in an organization from unauthorized changes and protect against anomalies that could result in cyberattacks.


The requirements and boundaries are defined as the primary step. The assets that comes under the operational technology are identified which varies from sensors and controllers to network devices towards ensuring end-to-end assessments.

Vulnerability assessment

With defining scope and approval from decision makers, the systems, applications, and networks are scanned for vulnerabilities following standardised checklist of threats.

Impact analysis

Once vulnerabilities in your operational technologies are assessed, they are analyzed to understand their impact on your Saudi business towards determining the potential damage. It helps to identify the likelihood of being exploited and the level of access an attacker could potentially gain in a real incident.


The findings along with proofs and methodologies are then shared with your business which also comprise of effective remediation suggestions for each vulnerability detected.

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