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What is cloud network security ?

Cloud network security is the combination of policies, controls, processes, and technologies that help secure the data and applications in the cloud infrastructure. Traditional security methodologies pay less attention to cloud-based assets due to their nature of complexity and later existence. Also, the majority of the tools might not always meet the industry requirements. 

Benefits of Cloud Network Security ?

Cloud network security primarily helps protect your digital assets from security threats from both inside and outside the business premises. Modern technologies, policies, and processes are used by security professionals to ensure the confidentiality of the data being handled while ensuring uninterrupted access to its intended users.

Cloud security assessment

The current security posture of your cloud network will be assessed as the primary step. Identifying the nature of the data being handled and stored, ensuring the right access for the users, and helps to verify that the security resource investments are right on track.

Security control implementation

Based on the security assessment, necessary security controls are implemented which include data encryption, strengthening user authentication policies, implementing appropriate access control measures, and preventing intrusion utilizing IDS (intrusion detection system) based on your business cloud environment.

Continuous monitoring

Next comes the important step of monitoring your cloud environment continuously on the dynamic change in the security aspect. This helps to have a clear vision of how secure user access, system configuration, and data transfers are.

Devising an incident response plan

Each security measure implemented is a step towards resilience, and never complete. Implementing a precise incident response plan helps react to threats quickly and effectively towards preventing future threats too.


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