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Managed Security Services in India

Comprehensive cybersecurity services from Wattlecorp towards cyber-resilience to your business entity in India

What Is Managed Security Services (MSS) ?

Managed security services aka MSS are simply cybersecurity services provided by an authorized external body to your business organization.

It helps find and fix vulnerabilities in the networks, and devices, with an emphasized focus on intrusion detection. It goes beyond regular IT maintenance and provides more comprehensive protection to secure digital assets and infrastructures.

managed cyber security operation centre services (soc)

Benefits Of Choosing Our Managed Security Services?

Primarily managed security services provide several benefits to business entities that need to improve their security posture, optimize resource allocation, and ensure compliance with global data security regulations. Outsourcing security management also helps organizations to give more focus to crucial operational activities and to optimize human resource talent.

Being the MSS providers serving multiple entities, they bring unique expertise and specialized tools that help ensure rigidity in terms of resilience. Proactive threat intelligence is yet another benefit of managed security services as well as the rapid incident response.

Planning and preparation

Your organization's security needs are identified as the first step. The scope of the test, the budget, and the process allocation required for the managed security service provider are defined next.

Implementation and deployment

Setting up infrastructure, configuring security tools, and integrating with the organization’s pre-existing systems are done as the next step. Training and support to the staff is done next to have a better transition for the business and its assets.

Monitoring and threat detection

Continuous monitoring of the organization’s systems and networks toward detecting and responding to security threats is ensured throughout the engagement period. Necessary measures to block the attacks are also done in the service.

Continuous improvement and review

Insights from each assessment are collected and analyzed to continuously improve the managed security services. Intelligent reports from the MSSPs are also a great asset to business organizations in terms of taking informed decisions in the ever-evolving technological landscape.


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