Uncover Hidden Weaknesses With Penetration Testing Services

A proactive approach to vulnerability prevention toward better business operational resilience. We help your business and applications ensure water-tight security with effective identification and mitigation of threats in the systems and networks towards being ahead in the Indian marketplace.

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Services In India

Effective cybersecurity strategies are ensured by businesses that serve their customers and stakeholders nothing less than secure services.

Wattlecorp provides your organization with expert security assessment strategies and services from our home-grown and battle-forged expert team who helped Fortune 500 companies such as Bentley, Walmart, and Mercedes-Benz to enhance their security.

Conducting effective penetration testing helps determine how vulnerable your IT system is to attacks, both primitive and most modern times. 

Business Benefits Of Penetration Testing Services

Effective penetration testing helps your business primarily to protect digital assets from the ever-evolving threat landscape. The combined implementation of manual and automated penetration testing tools and strategies helps detect the vulnerabilities in your system precisely much faster. Also identifying, simulating, and remediating the vulnerabilities resembles real-world attacks that help close the loopholes way before the attacker would find and cause disruptions.


Uncompromised delivery of cybersecurity service that helps you with threat resilience


We use the modern arsenal of tools that uncovers even the complicated vulnerabilities


Receive a comprehensive report that covers findings and their impact on effective remediation suggestions

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Stakeholder Advantages With Penetration Testing Services

Chief Information Security Officer and Information Security Team

Detect and manage vulnerabilities in your business assets and infrastructure, ensure data privacy compliance, raise employee awareness, and optimize testing costs. Share your business’s security responsibility with full-fledged cybersecurity experts who prioritize your resilience above everything.

Chief Technology Officer And Product Development Team

Early detection and remediation of vulnerabilities in the application at the development phase itself. Effective and quick remediation of threats towards improvising the business agility. Get your team trained on the latest security trends, technologies, and best practices.

Chief Executive Office And Operations team

Be informed about the frequently changing regulatory changes towards reduced administrative overheads and preventing hefty fines.

VAPT Services


All you need to secure your business

Web application Penetration testing

Secure your web applications and sensitive information stored from ever-evolving cyberattacks

Mobile application Penetration Testing

Uncover threats way before an attack that would disrupt the mobile applications

API Penetration

Protect your Application Programming Interface and the data transmitted from bad actors

Network Penetration Testing

Secure networks and devices from loopholes leading the way to the attacker

OT security assessment

Secure your OT systems from operational disruptions and ensure the safety requirements and standards

IoT security

Find and fix risks in your internet-connected devices with the support of the expert team.

Secure Souce code review

Emphasize secure applications with early implementation of security within the development lifecycle

IOT Security

Not letting the lights turn on without action needs attention.

Annual security program

Get penetration testing done once every year to stay ahead of the vulnerability landscape

Approved Scanning Vendor

Get PCI DSS certifications from authorized experts.

Cloud Application Security Assessment

Shield your cloud infrastructure and application with expert penetration testing and remediation

Wireless Penetration Testing

Protect your wireless devices and infrastructure with appropriate threat simulation.

Security Architecture Review

Get process, people, applications, policies, and infrastructure assessed towards secure business operations.

Managed Threat Hunting

Employ right cybersecurity threats towards pro-activeness to threat resilience.

Device Security Audit & Assessment

Vulnerability assessment to measure and fix weaknesses in your devices towards compliance with various data privacy standards.

Red Teaming

Enhance their defenses by evaluating the efficacy of security measures, locating possible points of compromise, and disclosing human resource vulnerabilities.

Purpleteam assessment

Red and blue teams collaborate to enhance cyber capabilities through a cybersecurity methodology.

ERP Security Audit

Evaluate the enterprise resource planning, or ERP, systems of your business to find and fix control gaps.

Email security audit

Examine the email gateways, authorization processes, and encryption techniques.


Secure your supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks from both internal and external attacks.


What is examined during Penetration Testing?

No more space for black-hat hackers.

OWASP Top ten

Securing your applications following the global security standard

Data Storage

Evaluate how secure the data is in all phases based on its nature of sensitivity


Assess the complexity implemented in authentication.

Device Security

Scan the hardware for vulnerabilities and exposure to physical attacks

Secure Communication

Evaluate and prevent snooping attempts from intruders

Binary & File Management

Evaluate how to secure the files and binary efficiently

Source code review

Find and fix bugs in the code base of your applications

Grey box test

Assess improper software usage and its code structure

White box test

Secure the internal design and code of the application

Black box test

Assess the impact of an external cyberattack

Updates & CVEs

Up-to-date patches of applications even to lately emerged threats

Platform use

Assess the strength of the application infrastructure


Improve the authorization methods for preventing intrusion attempts

Reverse engineering and decompiling

Analyze the malware with the combination of modern strategies towards neutralizing it precisely.


Find threats even before they plan to execute them in the systems. Encryption strength and enumeration

API And Web Services

Evaluate the security of Web Services and APIs used by the application.

Steps Involved in Wattlecorp Penetration Testing Services In UAE


Information Gathering


Information Analysis


Vulnerability Detection


Penetration Testing


Privilege escalation


Result Analysis




Security Briefing Workshop


Mitigation Support


Complementary Retesting


Summary Report

Our Strategy For Penetration Testing

Effective integration of human talent and modern technology to ensure expert penetration testing solutions to all businesses is what makes our strategy stand ahead in the Indian cybersecurity services marketplace. The in-depth analysis approach helps find critical flaws and misconfigurations.

The proper combination of manual and automatic penetration testing approaches reduces the false positives in reports precisely followed by human verification to increase the accuracy to the maximum.

Penetration Testing Service Deliverables

Comprehensive report

The vulnerability document contains the findings along with the procedure followed for the detection, software, and tools employed to find them, screenshots, along expert remediation steps.

Employee training

Security is a shared responsibility of all the employees in an organization. Helping them be aware of the threats and apt prevention methods helps your organization to ensure stronger security resilience.

Complimentary retesting

Once the initial penetration test is done and your team makes appropriate fixations, a retest shall be conducted by our team to ensure all the efforts are worth it and ensure the application and infrastructure security.

Expert assistance

Get your organization tested against vulnerabilities by experts with proven industry experience of securing Fortune 500 companies.

Continued support

Our commitment to securing your business continues forever, even after the initial test.

Why choose the Penetration testing program from Wattlecorp?

Budgeting For Penetration Testing in India

Penetration tests can cost you anywhere from INR <> to <>. The cost depends on various complexities and client requirements. Depending on the nature of the penetration test, you can find in-depth vulnerabilities in your system that help comply with different data privacy regulations. And not to pay hefty fines due to non-compliance.

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Penetration Testing as a Service

Securing your business and application from bad actors is what we are always committed to. Wattlecorp's penetration testing service on a subscription basis is designed to assist you save money, whether you're a startup looking for your initial security investment or an established enterprise trying to reduce your continuous testing costs. You can choose between purchasing a one-time, monthly, or annual membership cost, as well as unlimited testing.

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How Penetration Testing Impacts Your Business

Penetration testing is simply doing what a bad actor could do, but with a bigger purpose in mind: adopting of preventive approach to security.

  • Secure application and services
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations
  • Customer trust
  • Stay ahead in the threat landscape
Client Deliverables
  • 200,000+ vulnerabilities detected and fixed
  • 500,000+ assets secured
  • $10+ billion saved for clients from compliance fines.

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