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What is VAPT ?

VAPT aka Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a methodological technical examination of your applications, assets, networks, or the organization itself.

It helps to uncover vulnerabilities that a bad actor could exploit to gain unauthorized access to the sensitive business data within. It is a proactive approach, which means it is all about finding the threats before the attacker does.

vapt services
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services

Benefits of VAPT Services

CASA’s major aim is to promote the flexibility and inclusivity of cloud-to-cloud interfaces while also boosting customer data security. Securing cloud apps and associated infrastructure will significantly decrease common risks while enhancing user trust in the end products and services.


It starts with a one-to-one call between our two teams. The expectations, requirements, restrictions, and value additions shall be communicated clearly in this stage. A contract of engagement would also be signed at this stage which contains all the necessary details within.


Based on the type of test, information about the target asset will be gained which includes the network-related, software-related, and device-related data that acts as the foundation of the assessment. Scanning for possible vulnerabilities based on various industry standards and requirements will be conducted which gives preliminary vulnerability information.


An end-to-end and insightful documentation that contains all the necessary information about the test and the vulnerabilities uncovered will be created. The effectiveness and understandability of the report play a key role in mitigating the found vulnerabilities.


A tailored report which contains all the findings and methodologies in the test will be shared with you.

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