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How to stay updated with the latest cybersecurity news

The field of cybersecurity is one that is continuously changing and evolving. Each day, new vulnerabilities are being found, and exploits are being developed, thanks to the large group of cybersecurity specialists and enthusiasts working around the world.

 It is essential that you keep updating your knowledge and skillset so that you can keep up with this fast-paced domain. Discussed below are some of the sources of information you can use to do so.

socialmedia_The first and the most obvious way to keep up with any trend, not just cybersecurity, is via social media platforms. You can follow popular security researchers such as Stok Frederick, Bruce Schneier, and Richard Bejtlich on Twitter, as they regularly share tweets about their latest discoveries and cyber events happening around the world. All of them also have other information-sharing mediums such as podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs, which you can find on their Twitter handle as well. 

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It’s also useful to join a cybersecurity community like EvilHoursX, which has a presence on various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. This will help you connect and exchange information with like-minded individuals who are focused on cybersecurity just like you are.

attending_conferencesAnother surefire way to gain lots of knowledge and exposure to the cybersecurity field is by attending live cybersecurity events, such as conferences, webinars, discussions, and community meetups. Some of the best minds in cybersecurity will be speaking at most of these events, and it’s a great way to gain new insights and valuable knowledge from them. Events also help you connect with professionals in the field, leading to more opportunities in the world around you. Networking is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity.

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For companies and security researchers alike, it’s essential to know about the latest vulnerabilities that are following_cybersecuritybeing discovered every day. Companies must be aware of this in order to protect their organization from cyber attacks. Websites like US-CERT, SecurityFocus, and the National Vulnerability Database list all vulnerabilities that have been found daily.

Regularly visiting these websites will help you identify and patch up any vulnerable versions of components you’re using. You can also refer to sites like ExploitDB to find out if an exploit is already ready to attack you. As an individual, the website Have I Been Pwned is a great resource to check if your details have been compromised on any platform.

Online forums are another way to stay updated with the latest cybersecurity news and trends. There are many forums and discussion groups available on Reddit for all things cybersecurity, such as r/netsec and r/cybersecurity. Regularly browsing through these information sources is sure to have an impact on your level of knowledge.

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Whichever medium you choose to get your information from, make sure you keep consuming content in order to stay on top of the game. Cybersecurity is an ever-shifting industry, so as you learn, the industry is changing along with you. Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed with all the information though; carefully curate your information sources and consume content only from sources you understand and relate to the most. 

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