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What is a Build & Configuration Review ?

While web apps are crucial for today’s businesses, they could leave you open to security breaches, which can have severe consequences for the organization. After secure review guidelines, the frequency of attacks on assets can be reduced significantly.

A network that is not configured securely can give malicious entities an easy access into your organization’s data and assets. By adopting a proactive approach, businesses can establish security baselines to minimize adverse events. This can be achieved through build and configuration review services from expert consultants like Wattlecorp. Ethical hackers conduct build and configuration reviews to mitigate the risk by identifying security misconfiguration vulnerabilities across the organization’s IT infrastructure.

It is a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the IT infrastructure so that all vulnerabilities and possible access points to important information can be identified. This detailed evaluation aims to detect issues that could pose risks of data breach or compromising the security integrity of devices.

Build and configuration reviews can be conducted against several devices, and there are different types of reviews that allow us to focus on each segment in detail. It must be remembered that this is a transparent approach that aims to give businesses an understanding of configurations with regard to security and is not a 100% representation of a threat in the actual world.

Why is a Build Configuration Review Important?

Build reviews help us to detect hardware and software configuration vulnerabilities, allowing us to rectify them before they materialize as a cyber-attack in reality or they become problematic in the long run. Initial cybersecurity reviews help in identifying the current risk posture, enabling us to define a baseline strategy so that future improvements can be made. New apps, devices, and systems may bring in security risks that could help hackers enter and access sensitive data and assets. Build reviews offer the following benefits:

  • Identifies the vulnerabilities in your system
  • Reduces potential downtime
  • Helps in making sure your business software is functioning properly
  • Improves accuracy in future deployments
  • Reveals potential risks of cyberattacks
  • Allows to build a robust security posture for the organization
  • Makes sure that configurations are as they are expected to be
  • Helps you stay in compliance with industry and government data safety and privacy regulations

Our Configuration Review Services

Server Configuration Review

This review is conducted to make sure that critical business devices are secure. The configuration and deployment of an array of servers is assessed to test the security level and protect data against potential attacks. Patching risks are identified to allow you to release updates continuously without disrupting service levels substantially.

Firewall Configuration Review

A Firewall is akin to a security guard for the devices and services in your organizations. It has well-defined rules of access control that determine public and private access, and hence it is vital that they are properly configured. The security flaws in the firewalls like incorrect settings or poor standards can be detected and remedied.

Email Configuration Review

Email misconfiguration is a leading cause of breaches, and this misconfiguration can happen in any of the three main phases of the configuration process. We offer EMDR or managed email detection and response services so that you can maintain your email security instances. You get assistance with configuration changes for incoming and outgoing emails, installing new features, reporting, etc.

AWS Configuration Review Services

The Amazon Web Services or AWS environment of an organization is intensively evaluated to detect potential security threats and misconfigurations. The different AWS services like Lambda, Cognito, IAM, RDS, S3, EC2, and so on are assessed for weaknesses. Typically, we check permissions, audit user roles, analyse resource access logs, and assess security groups. These reviews are critical for ensuring compliance and a secure cloud environment.

Azure Configuration Review Services

Azure is the public cloud computing platform from Microsoft that offers storage, networking, and analytics as well. We conduct comprehensive security reviews to help in identifying and correcting misconfigurations. The checks may include virtual machine security policies, storage account configuration, managing identity and access, virtual machine review, SQL services, and networking security groups. Our detailed report helps you to mitigate your cloud security threats.

GCP Configuration Review

The Google Cloud Platform review is conducted to identify misconfigurations and deviations from the accepted best practices in the industry. We ensure appropriate security controls for business-critical systems and that the IT environment is aligned to the appropriate standards or frameworks of cybersecurity. Our detailed report of risks, threats, and weaknesses and the business impact and action plan to remedy the situation will help you protect your environment against cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

0365 Configuration Review

MS 365 is a useful suite of programs from Microsoft that’s popular with businesses worldwide. It is vulnerable to ransomware and account takeovers, and this can cause huge damage. Since it is constantly being updated for user-friendliness, evaluating it frequently is important. We offer thorough assessment of Entra, Exchange and Email, Defender and Endpoint, and also check admin logs, SPF records, and recommend the best network controls.

our secure built and configure review process

Comprehensive review services that help you set a baseline and protect your systems and data

Information Gathering

We will identify the critical services and assets using a mix of manual processes and automated tools to understand their configuration.

GAP Assessment

Using global standards as a benchmark, our team conducts a gap assessment to understand where the configurations are inaccurate, and helps set a baseline.

Cyber Risk Assessment

The Wattlecorp team identifies the possible vulnerabilities to organizational devices and systems by comparing the flaws and the baseline settings.


On completing the evaluation, our team will deliver a formal report to you which includes all the major findings of the build and configuration review

Recommending Remedies

We will then recommend a list of actions aimed at remedying the flaws and mitigating identified vulnerabilities in your systems.

Policies & Procedures

The build and configuration review team will help you create security policies that can ensure accurate configuration and thwart cyber-threats.


Our team will conduct a test through brute force or other methods to check that the newly implemented measures are effective in preventing breaches

Monitoring & Testing

Vulnerabilities can come in every time you introduce new software, firewalls, devices, etc. We can provide build and configuration review services every time so that your systems continue to be properly configured and safe.

Why Wattlecorp’s as your Built and Configuration Review Services Company ?

Budgeting for Build and Configuration Review

Configuration review can cost you anywhere from 10000 AED for a small, simple app to more than 40000 AED for a feature-rich, complex app. This is why Wattlecorp provides a range of cybersecurity services that are suitable for everyone from startups to enterprises without compromising on quality.

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Build and Configuration Review as a Service

Our build and configuration review service helps you improve your security posture with minimal business disruption and maximum benefits. By proactively focusing on prevention of adverse cybersecurity incidents, you can safeguard your data and your reputation. We help you implement industry best practices and ensure a secure and properly configured cloud environment for your business.

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 It assesses relevant cybersecurity areas like software and hardware, wherever a weakness can cause harm to a business if there is a cyberattack. Build reviews help businesses to develop a robust security posture. Build reviews help IT teams to understand if the current configurations are capable of defending against malicious attacks. They can also identify issues in the initial stages of the deployment process to prevent them from recurring in the future.

A configuration review assesses policies and programs that your business uses to check for potential vulnerabilities. This is critical from the point of view of cybersecurity; weak links and threats that may be lurking in often -used programs like email, Microsoft 365, firewalls, servers, VPNs, etc. are the elements of the IT system that are evaluated.

Secure configuration offers several benefits like lower risk of breach in the event of a cyberattack, quicker recover process, adherence to various compliance requirements, reducing risk of vulnerabilities, preventing loss of data and organizational reputation, and so on.

Centralized configurations ensure consistent agent installations with reduced need for installation support and lower complexity. It also enhances the efficiency of agent deployments and takes advantage of the web management skills of users.

Check for service providers online and read reviews left by previous customers. You can also compare the range of services being provided, and whether they are willing to tweak the review to align with individual business goals and requirements. See how much experience they have – chek their portfolio. Finally, check the pricing options; after all it has to fit within your budget. Wattlecorp is a leading build and configuration service provider in the Middle East.

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