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why your business needs penetration testing

Penetration testing is the process of determining the vulnerabilities in your applications, systems, devices, and infrastructure that a malicious actor could leverage to cause disruptions or loss. The vulnerabilities can be software bugs, flaws in the design, and configuration-related issues. 

The authorized and experienced security professionals conduct pen-testing by simulating a real-time cyberattack to unveil how a bad actor could break into it.

Rather than being mandated by legal entities and followed by organizations widely, conducting penetration testing does indeed come with its own merits. Pen tests are used to determine if an organization’s security procedures are successful or not. Also, they train employees how to deal with any form of malicious break-in. 

Following are a few of the key achievements your business is able to achieve with effective penetration testing:

1. Preparedness to Incident

The fundamental reason penetration testing is vital for the safety of an organization is that it teaches personnel how to deal with any type of infiltration by an offensive actor. Pen tests let you establish if an organization’s security policies are genuinely effective.

Penetration testing may also provide solutions to help businesses not only avoid and identify attackers but also efficiently remove such invaders from their systems.

2. Risk assessment

Pen tests can also help you identify which channels in your organization or app are the most prone to attacks, allowing you to invest in new security technology or implement regulations.

This approach aids in the detection of several critical system problems that you were previously ignorant of. It also helps to define more refined strategies that in turn help mitigate risks more precisely. 

3. Regulatory compliance

The best security posture is something that every user and prospect expects by default these days. Data protection regulations by various legal entities help organizations across the globe follow standards in many ways. Abiding the data protection laws helps to safeguard the reputation which erodes the customer trust due to security breaches.

Notably, the majority of the industries mandate securing sensitive data such as GDPR towards EU citizen data, HIPAA for patients’ health data, PCI DSS on payment-related data, etc. Competitive advantage is one of the salient features that adhering to regulatory requirements provides. It helps you to differentiate your business from its competitors while attracting more customers by giving immense value to their privacy and security. Conducting penetration testing from authorized and experienced cybersecurity service providers helps you to ensure cybersecurity compliance with various compliance regulations.

4. Clientele trust

Secure applications and services are the essentials every user requires to have immense trust in the business. A penetration test demonstrates your organization’s security against attacks. Before finalizing vendor agreements, it is common practice to conduct safety inspections. It may also be beneficial in getting a security budget for an IT department. By presenting the test results to management, IT professionals have even another compelling reason to invest in cybersecurity to safeguard critical business assets.

5. Risk Management

Reviewing the summary findings of a penetration test helps to determine how safe your IT systems are. Executives in your firm may benefit from their understanding of security flaws and the potential harm they might do to the system’s effectiveness as well as efficiency.

A qualified penetration tester can help you develop a robust information security architecture and determine where your cybersecurity money should be allocated, in addition to making recommendations for fast remediation.

6. Effective resource allocation and reduced downtime

Hunting for vulnerabilities while responding to incidents can sometimes be overwhelming. For the same, your business might need to spend a huge amount on human resources, technology, handling the disruptions caused, fines due to non-compliance, and repeated vulnerability tests to ensure. 

Penetration testing done proactively helps to ensure your business is secure from threats way before a bad actor intrudes and causes damage.

How pen-testing is done?

Penetration testing tools are able to offer the essential data needed to conduct an accurate and in-depth review of the cybersecurity strategy.

Pen testers imitate attacks carried out by real attackers. To do this, they typically follow an approach which comprises the following steps:


Gather as much information as you can on the target from official and unofficial sources to determine your assault strategy. Some probable sources include social engineering, non-intrusive network scanning, publicly available data searching, and even garbage diving. Pen testers can map the attack surface and possible vulnerabilities of a target using this information. Depending on the goals and scope of the pen test, reconnaissance may take many different forms. For example, it might be as simple as calling a system to demonstrate its capabilities.


Tools are used to check the targeted application or system for flaws such as public services, application security concerns, and open source risks. Pen testers employ a variety of tools depending on what they discover during reconnaissance and testing.

Gaining access

Bad actors’ aims would range from stealing, altering, or deleting data to transferring funds or just harming a company’s reputation. Pen testers evaluate the best tools and strategies for gaining access to the system, through vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, malicious software, using social engineering, or perhaps something else.

Maintaining access

Once pen testers gain access to the target, they must remain connected for long enough to accomplish their goals of exfiltrating data, modifying it, or abusing functionality. It’s all about demonstrating the possible consequences, that an actual threat actor can perform. 


Penetration testing is more than just a box to be checked. Employing trustworthy experts is crucial for organizations because it’s a challenging process. Proper pen-testing not only helps your business to be secure from vulnerabilities but also to gain realistic insights into the competitive advantage your business could potentially obtain by being secure. 

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