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Source Code Review Services for NESA

Securing your application while in development

What is Source Code Review Services for NESA

Source code review, as its name signifies, is a technique of evaluating your application’s code for bugs in the initial development phase itself. In the context of NESA (National Electronic Security Authority), it helps to ensure your business adheres to the highest security standard by protecting the organization’s information assets. Complying with NESA standards is mandatory for organizations in sectors such as healthcare in which sensitive data of individuals are processed and stored.

Benefits of Conducting Source Code Review Services For NESA

Primarily conducting source code review helps in detecting bugs which prevents breach incidents post-release, and optimizes the cost and human resource allocation better. The application code quality will be improved with coding standards and best practices. It also helps to maintain consistency and standards in the codebase which makes it easier for the developers to understand and build it further. 


The scope and goals of the source code review are defined as the initial stage in which the team determines the code blocks that must be reviewed.


Issues in code are found in this stage which will be done manually or using automated tools.


Post the review process, the issues found, their severity, and their remediation suggestions shall be documented by the review team and shared with the relevant stakeholders.


Based on the source code review report, fixation shall be done by the development and the admin team with expert assistance from our team.

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