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What is NESA Penetration testing?

The National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) is a government organization trusted to safeguard the UAE’s critical information infrastructure and enhance national cybersecurity. It is the primary cybersecurity regulating agency of the United Arab Emirates. Reviewing and comparing aligning to the NESA compliance framework is essential for all the governmental, semi-governmental, and critical infrastructure entities in the nation. With penetration testing, the threats in the digital infrastructure of your firms can be found with which you will be able to identify the vulnerabilities and take appropriate remediation measures against the same.

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NESA UAE Information Assurance Standards

Benefits of NESA Penetration testing

Finding vulnerabilities in the applications and business perimeter proactively is the primary benefit of NESA penetration testing. Also, the organization’s security posture can be improved with the same. With this, compliance with the regulatory standard can be ensured which helps prevent catastrophes and paying hefty fines due to non-compliance. 


The scope of the test shall be defined as the primary step along with gaining authorizations and legal records of acceptance from the business about to be tested for compliance with NESA.


A combination of expert tools and strategies is utilized to assess vulnerability in the target asset or application. The static and dynamic analysis would be involved in this stage.


The identified vulnerabilities are exploited safely to find their occurrence and impact. This helps to identify how and what data would be exposed in a breach.


The findings shall be compiled which will contain the vulnerabilities discovered and their impact.

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