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ISO Configuration Review Services

Compliance with ISO 27001 along with secure systems and applications through expert configuration review

What is ISO Configuration Review ?

Secure Configuration review is the process of examination and verification of the system, network, and application for IT infrastructure components. Most of the time, the required secure configuration settings might not be applied when deploying, maintaining, or improving computing systems or devices. To guarantee continued security within a business, it is crucial to regularly assess how securely configured the IT system is.

secure configuration review iso 27001
iso configuration review

Benefits of ISO Configuration Review

Configuration review can assist in detecting potential non-compliant points within an organization and offer suggestions for correction. Preventing data breaches, interruption, and restoration attempts by addressing security concerns early on. Also, it helps to comply with the ISO 27001 standards by securing the assets. Organizations will be able to increase their business value with proper emphasis on assuring data security to the customer base.

Establish ISMS

The initial step is to implement the Information Security Management System as per the ISO 27001 standard. The information security policy, objective setting, and process identification are involved in this.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is performed followed by taking necessary steps to mitigate the identified risks, and preparing the statement of applicability.

Monitor and review ISMS

The performance of the implemented ISMS is monitored and reviewed periodically including conducting internal audits at regular intervals along with the management review of the same.

Maintain and improvise ISMS

Based on the analytics from the ISMS monitoring and review, necessary remediation and prevention actions are adopted which helps to maintain and improvise the ISMS with time.

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