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What is Configuration Review For NESA

The National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) is the federal body of the UAE which helps the nation to develop digital security by upholding the cybersecurity measure.

NESA mandates that business entities and governmental and semi-governmental firms that handle critical infrastructures follow regulatory standards developed by them.

Configuration review is the process of checking the settings of your business entity’s technological assets such as servers, network devices, and applications to find misconfigurations towards remediating and strengthening ensuring safety from cyber attacks through them.

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Benefits of Conducting Configuration Review Services

Conducting an effective configuration review provides your business with greater visibility of existing system configurations and the state of the incident response plan implemented.

Upon assessing and fixing the misconfigurations, the security of the devices can be improvised thereby enhancing the overall security posture of the firm itself.

Also, the business operations can utilize the vulnerability information to make informed decisions in advance towards optimizing the business strategies.

Define baseline configuration

Baseline configuration is established as the initial process in line with the NESA standard of asset hardening.

Review system configuration

Once the baseline is defined, your existing system configuration policies and threat management strategies are reviewed.

Identify configuration issues

Configuration issues and the areas of misconfiguration in the assets are found in the scan. Also, the identified issues are mitigated at the earliest to prevent vulnerabilities from being leveraged by the bad actors.

Monitor and update configuration

The process is continued toward identifying and remediating future vulnerabilities and ensuring being in compliance with the NESA standard.

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