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What is configuration review for ADHICS ?

Secure configuration review is the procedure of examining and verifying the system, network, and application components of an IT infrastructure. When setting up, operating, or upgrading computing systems or devices, the necessary secure configuration settings are sometimes overlooked. To ensure ongoing security in a firm, it is critical to regularly check how securely designed are the IT infrastructures.

adhics Configuration Review services
secure configuration review adhics

Benefits of Conducting Configuration review for ADHICS

Configuration review is an integral part of compliance with Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security (ADHICS). Primarily it helps in gap analysis between the existing and required system and standards. In turn, this helps in the effective vulnerability identification which left unchecked would result in catastrophes to your business. Also, periodic reviews shall be implemented as part of ADHICS compliance that results in the improved security resilience.

Gap analysis

Current system configurations of the IT assets are tested against the ADHICS standard that helps to find gaps in your organization's digital infrastructure.

Risk assessment

Once the gap in the configuration of assets of your business is analyzed, potential vulnerabilities associated with the same are assessed along with the evaluation of the impact and occurrence in the scope of the assessment.


Once the assessment is done and the insights collected, a comprehensive plan is devised to fix the identified gap and mitigate the risks. Implementing technical controls, updating the system configurations, and enhancing the security protocols are part of the same.

Continuous monitoring and review

Process of ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews are implemented to ensure that your business is ADHICS compliant in the future too.

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