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Threat Modeling And Inteligence

A proactive approach to threat detection for your business toward effective security

What is Cyber Threat Modeling?

Threat modeling is securing systems and data using testing, system diagrams, and hypothetical scenarios. Threat modeling enhances cybersecurity and confidence in important business systems by detecting vulnerabilities, assessing risks, and making remedial action recommendations. 

Complex systems with several endpoints can be made more secure with the use of hardware and software technologies in larger organizations with lots of possible weaknesses. On the other hand, a brainstorming session can be used to conduct basic threat modeling.

Benefits Of Threat Modeling Services

Threat modeling helps your UAE business to have in-depth insights into the systems supported by graphical data which helps the technical team and key decision-makers to prioritize and optimize the financial and other resource allocation. With this, the risk can be prioritized based on its impact on the business and its assets. The risk exposure can also be reduced through threat modeling.

Asset identification

As the basic step, the assets of your business shall be identified and categorized based on its nature of sensitivity. It consists of data, human, hardware, and software assets based on .

Threat identification

With asset identification, comes assessing threats related to it. The threat can either be from outside the business environment or inside or due to natural causes.

Vulnerability identification

Once potential threats are identified, next comes identifying how a threat actor can exploit them. It can be any flaws that can cause damage to your business assets and applications.

Control recommendation

Once the test is completed, detailed documentation, tailored according to your requirements shall be generated by our experts which entails the procedure, findings, and proof of vulnerabilities as screenshots, along with effective remediation suggestions.

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