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ADHICS Source Code Review Services

Secure-by-design application towards effective ADHICS compliance

What is Source Code Review for ADHICS

Source code review is a systematic check of the source code of software application of your business. ADHICS (Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard) is a data privacy standard mandatory for healthcare businesses in the Abu Dhabi region. Source code review helps to ensure your software applications are robust and capable of processing sensitive healthcare information with a security-first approach, aligned to ADHICS standard

Benefits of Conducting Source Code Review for ADHICS

Primarily source code review helps ensure the code design consistency and meets industry standards and requirements. It also helps identify areas for improvements and optimizations for better performance, which helps the team monitor the application quality and remediate towards ensuring compliance with the ADHICS standard.


Understanding the ADHICS standard and its requirements for your business is the initial step. Choosing precise tools for the code review, which can be manual or automatic is also included in this stage.


Source code review is conducted by experts, with utmost precision upon each code blocks evaluation towards finding non-compliance with ADHICS standards.


Post the review, findings, and remediations are documented which will then be shared to the decision-makers. This would include issues found, their potential impact, and suggested fixes.


Once found issues are remediated based on the report. Necessary code updates are made, security measures are modified, and the performance are optimized. Once the necessary changes are made, the source code is reviewed again which increases the accuracy of the test.

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