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ADHICS Penetration Testing Services

Ensure your  healthcare business is secure from threats

What is ADHICS Penetration testing?

ADHICS is an abbreviation for Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cybersecurity Standard. It came into existence on 3rd February 2019 and is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH). The purpose of ADHICS in the business context is to improve healthcare cybersecurity in the United Arab Emirates. This is done by ensuring your company meets international security guidelines related to the healthcare industry formulated by DoH.

ADHICS Compliance Consulting & Audit Services In UAE
ADHICS standards policies and certifications in UAE and dubai

Benefits of ADHICS Penetration testing

Conducting ADHICS penetration testing helps your business to identify vulnerabilities proactively towards finding and fixing loopholes in your healthcare business application, network, systems, and infrastructure. This not only gives your business market leverage but also compliance with data security regulations, improves security posture, and maintains user and stakeholder confidence by uncovering threats. It also helps in maintaining continuous improvements.

Gap and risk assessment

The security experts identify gaps in the current security measures in your organization. Analyzing outdated software, issues in encryption, and access controls are also included in this stage. Risk assessment is conducted following this which helps to understand the impact of the vulnerabilities if exploited.

Policy development

Based on gap and risk assessment results, updated security policies and procedures are formulated, which provide the organization with the latest framework for managing the information assets of the organization. It involves implementing updated security controls, software, and training for employees.


The systems and networks are tested to identify vulnerabilities which is done by simulating the bad actor through penetration testing by cybersecurity experts.


Once necessary security measures are implemented, comprehensive documentation is formulated with remediation suggestions, which is followed afterward.

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