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Deep testing source code to Find weaknesses before hackers utilise it.

The Security of the universe lies in its atoms too.

What we do

A secure code review is a specialized task involving manual and/or automated review of an application’s source code in an attempt to identify security-related weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the code. Adding security elements to code review is the most effective measure in preventing vulnerabilities, even before the first commit.

OWASP quotes secure code review as “Secure code review is probably the single-most effective technique for identifying security bugs early in the system development life cycle. When used together with automated and manual penetration testing, code review can significantly increase the cost effectiveness of an application security verification effort.”

Secure code reviews are important as this gives more insights into the coding pattern and possible flaws present in the source code which makes up the application.

We also conduct one on one sessions with the development team to assist and explain the mitigation strategy.

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Secure Source code review as a service

We have a dedicated team ready to go through the source code to find the deep hidden vulnerabilities. We have both automated tools and manual testing expertise to review the code.

What is a secure code review?

Get expert insight on how your code can be exploited

Secure code review is the examination of an application’s source code to find vulnerabilities from both the initial and final development phases. At Wattlecorp, we analyze the code both manually and with a code analyzer application and eliminate false positives.

We also have a stronghold in combining penetration testing with the source code review, Harding your application internally and externally



Our penetration testers analyze your applications thoroughly and employ hacker-like thought processes to identify vulnerabilities, including zero-day vulnerabilities. Using the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide and SANS Application Security Standard methodologies, we provide in-depth manual security assessments that exceed the capabilities of vulnerability scanners.


We use industry-standard tools and global best practices to identify every security vulnerability. We approach each project by employing the same tools and methods as actual attackers in order to identify new risks. addressing regulations like NIST, OWASP, and SANS. Our penetration testing engineers are accredited and certified security professionals with credentials including CREST, CEH, and OSCP, among others.


Get a penetration testing and remediation report that is written in a developer-friendly language and is simple to implement. Reports are frequently insufficient due to the fact that not all vulnerabilities are immediately fixed, which is why we provide one-on-one meetings with security experts for developers with each report and detailed vulnerability fixing support for up to a year after testing with Oncall Advice.

Benefits for all Security Stakeholders

Chief Information Security Office and Security Team

Continuously identify and mitigate risks, meet compliance requirements more quickly, improve application delivery agility, enhance collaboration with the development team, and reduce testing costs, without sacrificing quality, we achieve greater testing program control, faster turnaround, early detection and repair, and continuous monitoring.

Chief Technology Office and Product Development Team

Early detection and remediation of security vulnerabilities, improved network security, managed risk-based approach to servers, easy collaboration with security testing team, quick turn-around times, advanced analytics and live sessions instead of only pdf reports, detailed reports, and ongoing detailed documentation and lifecycle and history of vulnerabilities

Chief Executive Office and business management

Ensure cost-effective compliance with a constantly changing regulatory landscape, protect brand reputation, predictable costs and straightforward billing, and lower administrative costs.


What do we check for when we conduct an application secure code review?

No more space for black-hat hackers.

OWASP Top 10

Examine for the most common vulnerabilities.

We`re Universal

Test for all types of Application

Secure communication

During transmission of sensitive data, examination of controls such as encryption. Important for PCI, HL&, HIPAA, and other compliance regulations.

Business Logic Vulnerabilities

Design and implementation faults in an application that enable an attacker to induce undesired behavior in an application

Updates and CVEs

Examines information security vulnerabilities and exposures that are publicly known.

Automated Testing

Does Automated testing and eliminated false positives from it over a manual iteration

Check for internal integrity

By implementing the appropriate data validation and error checking, you can ensure that sensitive data is never miscategorized or stored incorrectly

API Checking

API`s too, we never leave anything behind, Its 360 degree or nothing

In addition to searching for vulnerabilities in the application itself, our testing also examines the back-end services used by the app. During testing, we ensure that all app components are covered by focusing on both the app and its back-end services. We employ reverse engineering, binary, and file-level analysis to detect difficult-to-find vulnerabilities, which is significantly more in-depth than a standard penetration test.

These security testing activities may include but are not limited to:

Explore the Secure Code Review strategy

Our Secure code review service utilizes an in-depth, advanced security testing methodology to identify critical issues, exposure points, and business logic flaws within your applications. We identify application security vulnerabilities by combining automated and manual testing and eliminating false positives, assessing every aspect of your application security with source-code-assisted application penetration testing that reveals a broader range of vulnerabilities and exposures. Applications are evaluated before projects commence. In the subsequent phase, the team manually verifies the results of automated vulnerability scans. The team then identifies and exploits implementation errors and business logic manually.

Secure Code Review Service Outputs

Detailed Report

The Pen Test report describes the exact vulnerabilities found on the platform, how they were discovered, the methodologies and tools used to find them, and any visual proof that was found. A security vulnerability risk rating must be included in the report for future reference. " Recommendations for cleanup and how to carry them out

1:1 Workshop

Because vulnerabilities are not resolved promptly, static PDf Reports are insufficient. That's why we offer a one-on-one workshop and security debrief between the security team and developers to ensure they understand significant and high-level vulnerabilities, as well as guidance on remediation and countermeasures, and assistance in learning how to avoid them in the future. We can conduct this debriefing face-to-face if necessary.


We provide a free retest to ensure that the remedial actions were effective and done correctly. And, after applying all applicable updates, the system was able to fix the identified vulnerabilities without causing any new problems.

Secure Badge

We provide a gratis retesting service after the customer has implemented the recommended repair actions. We'll provide you with a summary report after the project is completed, confirming that remedial measures have been taken. We also supply you with a service that warns you about new vulnerabilities for up to a year if it is judged to be satisfactory.

1:1 Advice On-call

We provide advice and assistance for up to a year after the complete report is filed, and we address any queries you may have regarding putting the recommendations into effect. This service is provided through developer-friendly channels like phone, email, zoom, meet, Slack, Jira, and teams.

Why Choose Wattlecorp Secure Code Review Program

Budgeting for Security Testing. 

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are not the same. while vulnerability scan only identifies vulnerabilities, a penetration tester digs deeper to identify, then attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities to gain access to secure systems or stored sensitive data.

The average cost of a penetration test can cost anywhere from $6,000 for a small, non-complex app to more than $100,00 for a large, complex one. Which is why wattlecorp provides a range of services that are suitable for everyone from startups to enterprises without compromising on quality.

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Wattlecorp application secure code review as a subscription services allows you take advantage of reducing the cost of testing, whether you are a startup investing for the first time or a big enterprise trying to reduce the cost of continuous testing. Choose from onetime to unlimited source code review using onetime, monthly or annual subscription fee

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