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Meet Wattlecorp at #LEAP24, the premier technology event of the year, taking place from 4-7 March 2024. With over 100,000 attendees, including tech innovators and leading experts from around the world, this is the perfect opportunity to discover new ideas, make valuable connections, and find inspiration to drive your business forward.  Join us at #LEAP24 – let’s leap into the future together.


One vulnerability per 1000 lines of code, cautious estimates. Product releases leave 28% of vulnerabilities unfixed. Data breaches and costs increased 17% in 2021. With Zero cybersecurity personnel, a data leak will cost startups more than security testing spend.


Vulnerabilities Now Take Nearly 250 Days to Fix. 86 % of developers attribute productivity concerns for Application Security issues. Finding and maintaining in-house experienced Cybersecurity resources is costly for startups and MSMEs with limited Cybersecurity budgets.


Our ASP was created to help startups, SaaS, and product companies obtain substantial value from their security testing investments. Our team discreetly explain system flaws and are available on developer channels to assist developers write secure code faster.


Wattlecorp Annual Security Program.

Helping your developers with enhancing code quality and patch management for the security vulnerabilities. 

Inside the ASP Kit

Security Testing for Recent Vulnerabilities

New CVEs in the applications' technologies will be regularly researched by Wattlecorp's pentesters, who will analyse the impact and offer necessary remedies.

Secured By Wattlecorp Badge

Wattlecorp The badge can be used on the product's website and links back to Wattlecorp. Your customers and reviewers will know that your product is regularly inspected for security flaws.

Pro Active Security Consulting

Wattlecorp will designate a spokesperson to address any security-related questions or concerns raised by stakeholders, government agencies, potential investors, customers, or any other third party.

Dedicated Security Manager

A dedicated security manager will serve as the single point of contact for the entire operation

Secure code review

All pushes to production will undergo a monthly secure code review.

Bug Bounty Management

Any bug bounty request made will be validated, prioritised, and managed.

Server Hardening

All application servers included in the scope will be protected by security controls.

Quaterly VAPT audit

Each quarter, the scope will undergo a full round of VAPT.

Yearly briefings and report

Annual activity is summarised in comprehensive reports and meetings.

ASP Packs


No more space for black-hat hackers.


✓ 1 Full Round of Security Audit
Yearly Briefings and Report
✖ Server Hardening
✖ Bug Bounty Management
✖ Secured by wattlecorp


✓ Everything in Basics
✓ 2 Full Round of Security Audit
✓ Server Hardening
✓ Bug Bounty Management
✖ Secured by Wattlecorp Badge


✓ Everything in Pro
✓ 4 Full Round of Security Audit
✖ Secure Code Review
✖ Dedicated Security Manager
✖ Secured by Wattlecorp Badge


✓ Everything in Premium
✓ Secure Code Review
✓ Dedicated Security Manager
✓ Secured by Wattlecorp Badge

Best factor

No More Space for Blackhat Hackers

Our security team identifies flaws in your applications that could be exploited by a black hat hacker to disrupt, steal, or damage your data.

We’ve assisted product owners of SaaS, Web, and mobile applications in five different global regions in identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities, allowing them to focus more on development while we handle security.

You’re about to get $990 worth consultation for free.

Our Services

Highly Secure Services

Cyber security Risk &
Compliance consulting

Only a good hacker can build a working cyber security strategy. Imagine a group of good hackers developing a strategy for your company.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Diagnosis is the key to find the root of the problem, interestingly we penetrate into the system and find those vulnerabilities like real hackers.

security services

Protecting your server is similar to protecting your locker. Managed protection makes it even more safer and strong like a diamond.

SAMA Compliance

Strengthen financial institutions' best practices and guarantee compliance with the greatest global security standards.

pat on the back

Wattlecorp Warriors

Fortune 500 corporations including Intel, Walmart etc has appreciated our team of hackers for finding vulnerabilities in their systems. 

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Pat on the back for breaking the doors.


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Haven’t done cybersecurity testing before, concerned about budget, not sure where to begin, and how to choose. Start with our zero-risk consulting offer during Leap 2024. We’ll assist you.

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