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Continuous Security Assessment

Proactive approach towards secure business and user trust

What is Continuous Security Assessment ?

Continuous security assessment is a very adaptive and flexible process that continuously evaluates, assesses, and maximizes the performance of the infrastructure of an organization’s configurations, enforcement of policies, security controls, and other areas.

Applications and related products use this technique for the detection of vulnerabilities early in the development cycle.

It involves evaluating security procedures for a specific application or business regularly to minimize risks. Leaving these threats unattended would potentially jeopardize the company’s security and data, weakening consumer trust and brand credibility.

Benefits of continuous security assessment

Attackers are constantly coming up with new and better ways to get around even the most sophisticated security systems, taking advantage of even the slightest gaps in protection to enter a system and cause damage. Possibly the best defense against these constantly changing cyber threats is continuous security assessment for your UAE business.

It also allows your business to ensure your security investments are not in vain. Also, faster finding and fixation of bugs is possible with the same.


The requirements, restrictions, approvals, assets, and perimeter of the test are defined as the first step to conducting penetration testing.


Surface level vulnerability assessment will be conducted followed by in-depth analysis to find the vulnerabilities.


The found vulnerabilities shall be tested using a combination of the right modern tools in which the impact of them and other root-level threats shall be found.


The findings with their impact shall be documented and shared with the key decision makers which also include remediation suggestions.

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