10 Days Cyber Security Internship

When someone asks you how to become a hacker immediately, you can confidently recommend our 10 Days Cyber security Internship Program.

Interestingly you cannot become a professional hacker in 10 days, but you can always make the first step. Our team of professional hackers working for corporates around the globe today, was once a beginner understanding the basics of hacking. The most important step towards become a hacker is to understand the basics first and scale.

Our 10 days cyber security internship program is crafted around the concepts of hacking and making sure the fundamentals are conveyed right. Very highly recommended for aspirants trying to understand the basics and fundamentals of “How it works” in hacking and cyber security. In this program, you’ll get the opportunity to be with professional real-world hackers and understand their ideologies in saving the world with fingers. 

Quick, Hacker

Our cyber security internship programs are designed with aspirants in mind.

10 Days Training

Short, cute and covers the basics including the fundamentals. Play with real-world hackers.

Simulated Practice

Consistent practice on simulated environments with effective guidance and support.

Beginner Friendly

Experience friendly hackers looking forward to building the best hackers for the future.

10D Internship Certificate

At Wattlecorp, everything you do is documented, signed and certified by real-world hackers.

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Choose a cyber security internship program that matches your expectations and passion. Let us help you. 


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Our interns has a story to tell you, stay all ears. 

"Currently I have doing my internship at Wattlecorp as VAPT Intern. I have learnt many new concept and skills. I would thank Wattlecorp for the guidance throughout the internship."
Midhun Madhu Cyber security intern at Wattlecorp
Midhun Madhu
Senior Analyst VAPT - Deloitte , India
"Its been a few months in wattlecorp and the experience is awesome. The guidance is good and they are ready to help at any point of time. This Internship sets a very good path for us in learning and makes it easy for us in future to get more advanced."
Abhishek D Cyber security intern Wattlecorp
Abhishek D
Jain deemed-to-be University Bangalore
"After enrolling in the September batch of the VAPT internship program for cyber security, I did have a few initial doubts and wondered if a shorter course might have been a better idea. But in the end, I realized the 6 months course was ideal for my aims and the expertise I wanted to build up. It's definitely a big investment of time and money but it provided a comprehensive end-to-end learning experience, which is exactly what I was looking for. Cyber Security is a massive field, requiring a large amount of self-study and as a result, this program was ideal to give me a more definite path to follow."
Rohit S Cyber security intern at Wattlecorp
Rohit S
Information Security Analyst - Attra
"I wanted to enhance my repertoire and broaden my skill set, and by doing this VAPT Internship seemed like the ideal way to achieive that. I did a lot of research before deciding on one. Of all the various programs that I found, the ones at Wattlecorp were the only one that was completely dedicated to Pentesting. A lot of others went to generic IT concepts which didn't make sense for me."
Anjali G Shetty Cyber security intern at Wattlecorp
Anjali G Shetty
Platform Data Specialist - Zerofox
I came to Wattlecorp, without the slightest clue about penetration testing. All I knew about cybersecurity was some theoretical concepts and some basic networking knowledge. Wattlecorp was a life changer for me; it made me more confident about my skills by allowing me to explore various aspects of cybersecurity with practical exercises and the right guidance. I want to thank my mentors at Wattlecorp for the constant support and all the opportunities.
Navaneeth S Cyber security intern at Wattlecorp
Navaneeth S
Student - Master of Cybersecurity, University of Adelaide, Australia
"The internship was really worth it for me as I learned about working in different aspects of a company, most of the offensive security topics were covered by the team, also I learned about content creation and the corporate communication skills and was really useful. The security related tasks was top notch. The simulated servers that I got to do was very useful for learning pentest, also I was able to meet really skilled people in the field and learn from them. Overall a great experience."
Achuth V P Cyber security intern at Wattlecorp
Achuth V P
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus Kerala

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