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todaySeptember 22, 2020

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Types of Hackers

The word “hacker” is well-known to almost everyone these days. However, not everyone is aware of the entire concept of hacking – their targets, methods, motives and the different types. Most people think that a “hacker” is a self-taught rogue programmer who is skilled at modifying computer hardware or software [...]

June 1, 2020

Evilweek – A Series of Cybersecurity Events

EvilWeek is a beginner-intermediate level series on cybersecurity spanning over seven days. The event is planned such that anyone interested in pursuing the field of cybersecurity will get a good ...

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Master Security

We offer a wide variety of online and offline events to master cyber security for your business.

09 May 2020


Cybersecurity Meetup

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04 Apr 2020

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Learn The Art of Hacking

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