What are the Benefits of Doing Source Code Review?

Written by vishnu chandra

June 3rd, ,2024

Bug Tracking and Classification

Early in the development cycle, code reviews aid in finding bugs and errors, which makes fixing them less expensive and simpler.


Expertise Sharing

Code reviews help team members learn and share knowledge, which enhances their ability to code and better understands the codebase.


Building Code Compliance

The main goals of code reviews and source code security audits are to make sure that the code is efficient and to find errors as soon as possible.


Faster Development

Even though code reviews may take some time, in the long run, finding errors early in the development process can save money and effort.


Effective Reporting

Code reviews are an important component of successful documentation. The paperwork contains a definitive account of the review process and policies.


Maintainability & continuity

A developer bears the responsibility of guaranteeing future continuity. It also mandates that any other authorized individual may alter the code.


Easing the QA test

Without having to worry about the codebase's quality, the QA testing phase will experience the simplicity and stability of the source code.


Learning perspective

Code review facilitates learning and knowledge exchange. The project team as a whole will be more aware of and knowledgeable about coding errors.


Confidence and Stakeholder Trust

Code reviews guarantee that the software satisfies the necessary standards and increase stakeholder confidence in the technical quality of the execution.


Efficient Onboarding

code reviews give new team members a clear understanding of the codebase and its standards, they can expedite the onboarding process.


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