Top  Pen Testing Insights for 2024

Written by  Vishnu Chandra


Increased Focus on Cloud Security

As businesses shift to the cloud, pen testing in cloud settings is vital, focusing on securing configurations and storage



AI and Machine Learning Integration

AI and ML are now integral to pen testing, simulating frequent attacks for improved continuous testing efficacy.


IoT Device Testing

AI and ML are essential in pen testing, mimicking frequent attacks for better continuous testing results.

Automated Pen Testing Tools

Automated tools are advancing pen testing, making it more accessible and enabling lighter, more frequent testing year-round.


Focus on Supply Chain Attacks

Due to recent notable events, pen testing is now concentrating more on supply chain weaknesses, pinpointing risks in third-party services and software.


Greater Emphasis on Insider Threats

As insider threats rise, 2024 pen testing will likely feature more simulations of attacks originating internally.


Mobile Application Security

As mobile usage grows, there's heightened attention on securing mobile apps, ensuring they're devoid of vulnerabilities risking data compromise


Regulation Compliance

Regulations changing means pen testing remains vital for ensuring organizations comply with legal and industry norms.


Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Simulations

APTs are complex, enduring threats. Pen testing now simulates them, aiding organizations in readiness and defense against such sophisticated attacks


Customized Pen Testing Approaches

Acknowledging the diversity of needs, customized pen testing is on the rise, crucial for businesses in niche markets or with unique IT setups