Different Types of Hackers

1. Black Hat     Hackers

Black hat hackers have purely negative intent behind their actions. All their hacking activities are in a manner that can be deemed criminal or illegal.

2. White Hat Hackers

2. White Hat Hackers

The ying to the yang in the hacking world, white hat hackers are the opposing force against malicious black hat hackers. White hat hackers generally work with governments and organisations to fortify their systems. Also known as ethical hackers

3. Gray Hat Hackers

Just like the name suggests, these are hackers with a mixed intent. Like the colour code, they are not completely evil like black hat hackers, yet at the same time, they aren’t the do-gooders like white hat hackers.

4. Red Hat Hackers

Red hat hackers are on the same side of white hat hackers, but the difference lies in their approach. While white hat hackers focus on fortifying the system by applying defences to stop cyberattacks from happening, red hat hackers prefer a ruthless approach to stop black hat hackers.

5. Green Hat Hackers

New joiners to the world of hacking, green hat hackers are all about learning new things. They stick around to learn new concepts and techniques used in a hack. They are people who want to become pro-level hackers in the future and are very curious to learn.