Ways to Prevent Social Media Hacking

1. Limit the Information you Share

Be aware of how much information you post on social media. The more information you provide, the easier it gets for hackers to exploit you.

2. Keep your Security     High

Go to Chrome Settings and click Passwords.

Every social media site has its own security and privacy settings. Go through them and ensure that your profile is maintained at a high-security level. An example is keeping your account private and accepting requests of only those you know personally.

3. Beware of    Clickjacking

You can’t trust every link you get on the internet. If you receive a link from someone you don’t know, it is good to be suspicious. Some of those links might contain malware, phishing programs, or even a spy program. So be careful of what you click on social media.

4. Strengthen Your     Passwords

Combine lowercase, uppercase, special characters, and numbers to create a secure password. Did you know that you can use space bars in your passwords? Mix and match things to make your passwords complex.

5. Use Separate    Email Accounts

Using a common email account for social media and personal usage can complicate things if it is compromised. If a cybercriminal gains access to the email you use for social media, he stops there because all your personal stuff is on another account.