The Best Practices of Penetration

Testing in Healthcare Industry


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June 3rd,2024

Healthcare penetration testing needs clear boundaries and costs. Define what's tested and allocate resources to prioritize critical areas like patient data systems.

Establish a Budget and Scope


Healthcare pen testing should focus on the most sensitive data areas, like electronic health record systems and databases. This maximizes protection for patient information.

Focus on High-Risk Areas


The Top Pen Test Risks at Target Healthcare  During penetration testing, this option concentrates on the most prevalent weaknesses that healthcare providers encounter.

Test for Common Vulnerabilities


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a key regulatory framework in the US that mandates specific security measures to protect patients' electronic health information.

Compliance with HIPAA


The healthcare organization is accountable for taking these steps to fix the security weaknesses and improve their overall security posture.

Remediation and improvement


prioritize remediation of identified vulnerabilities based on their severity and impact. Ensure that all vulnerabilities are fully remediated to prevent exploitation by attackers.

Reporting and Remediation


Initial testing should focus on assets that store patient medical records, such as EHR systems, medical devices, cloud repositories, and databases.

Concentrate on High-Risk Areas First


Perform social engineering testing to identify vulnerabilities in employee behaviour and training. Perform social engineering testing to identify vulnerabilities in employee behaviour and training.

Conduct Social Engineering Testing


Document all findings and vulnerabilities identified during the penetration testing process. Create a detailed report outlining the vulnerabilities, their impact, and recommended remediation steps.

Document and Report Findings


Use a penetration testing framework such as the Penetration Testing Execution Standard to ensure the testing process is thorough.

Use a Penetration Testing Framework


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