Sylvia Tribel

Best VPN Services in 2022

>>> 01 for Animators

Ranked as the best VPN to use in 2022, Express VPN provides the fastest network speeds according to user reviews and speed test results. It makes streaming HD content from services like Netflix look like child’s play with an easy approach

>>> Score:95/100

1. Express VPN


A well-known VPN App for Android users with free and unlimited service and implements WireGuard to a high standard. This all-in-one VPN app was ranked as the most user-friendly VPN app with its one-click connect feature.  






An allrounder in the list of top VPN providers, CyberGhost is known to be cheap and valuable. Based in Romania, CyberGhost keeps no logs, making it privacy-friendly.

3. Cyberghost VPN


Surfshark is the cheapest VPN on this list. Apart from being the most financially viable, Surfshark is a new player on the market barely a year old, yet has managed to make an impact to reach the top VPN services around the world.

5. VyprVPN

Best known for its technical qualities, VyprVPN has no logs which is 100% clarified. It allows torrenting on its service and operates over 70 countries. VyprVPN allows up to 5 connections simultaneously and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to give the service a trial.