How to Prevent Phishing Attacks ?

Written By Deepraj

July 1,2024

Don't click suspicious links or attachments

Phishing emails have malicious links or attachments. Hover over links to see the URL before clicking.


Be skeptical of unsolicited emails

Phishing emails may seem to be from known companies. Be wary of urgent messages from unknown senders.


Check sender email address

Check the sender's email address carefully. Phishing emails often have slight misspellings or odd domains.


Review grammar and spelling errors

Phishing emails usually have grammar errors or typos, unlike legitimate companies' communications.


Never share personal information through email

Legitimate companies avoid requesting sensitive data like passwords or credit card info via email.


Verify login attempts

If an email claims suspicious account activity, don't click links. Instead, log in directly to the official website to check


Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication

Unique, strong passwords and two-factor authentication enhance account security by making them harder to breach.


Keep your software up-to-date

Software updates frequently address security vulnerabilities, so regularly updating your OS, browser, and apps is crucial


Use Anti-Phishing Toolbars

Some browsers offer toolbars that can help detect phishing sites. Consider installing one for added protection.


Report Suspicious Emails

Report phishing attempts to your email provider or the relevant authorities to help combat phishing efforts.


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