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What is Red Team Assessment?

A red team assessment is conducted to simulate a cyberattack to check the resilience of an organization against malicious entities in real life. We test your organization’s readiness to respond to a real-life cyberattack by trying to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your system the way hackers would.

Red team assessment simulates malicious and multidimensional threats through the use of hostile techniques and tactics and determines how ready you are to detect and thwart a targeted attack. The primary goal of red team assessment is to see how prepared your security team is to defend against cyberattacks.

We use a wide range of cutting-edge tools and technologies combined with manual expertise and experience, including knowledge of attack paths to uncover chinks and potential threats that other pentests may miss.

Benefits of Redteam Assessment

Red team assessments help you find hidden attack paths to your critical assets, tests your security team’s resilience, identify staff vulnerable to social engineering attacks, and checks how good your incident response plans and disaster recovery plans are.

By conducting a red team assessment, you can showcase your commitment to safeguarding critical information, build trust with customers, and maintain regulatory compliance. Knowing the vulnerabilities and potential harm that can happen, can help you take the required action to increase the efficiency of your responses and protect your data.



In the first phase we collect information about your applications, network services, users, and discovering host endpoints, and IP addresses and services to hack.


In this phase, we mimic a malicious attack. By using methods similar to that of hackers, our team tries to breach your system but refrains from actual data exposure.

Reporting And Remediation

Our team summarizes our finding of your system vulnerabilities and the impact that a breach can have on your organization, along with recommendations to mitigate risk.


After plugging the gaps, our team will conduct the red teaming test repeatedly, till such time as they are convinced that every vulnerability has been fixed.

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